Wade Robson's lawsuit against Michael Jackson's estate has been tossed, a judge ruled in court. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Los Angeles judge has determined that Robson can not sue any of Michael Jackson's businesses over allegations of sexual abuse. The judge said there was no relationship between the businesses and Wadeson that made them legally responsible for his safety against any abuse.  However, Robson's attorney has stated that he's already planning on filing for an appeal.

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Robson initially filed a lawsuit against the estate in 2013 on claims that MJ sexually abused him for a decade. MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures were at the center of these allegations because Robson said that they enabled the singer. Robson re-filed a lawsuit against the companies after the release of Leaving Neverland

"There is no evidence supporting Plaintiff’s contention that Defendants exercised control over Jackson," Judge Young wrote in his ruling. "The evidence further demonstrates that Defendants had no legal ability to control Jackson, because Jackson had complete and total ownership of the corporate defendants. Without control, there is no special relationship or duty that exists between Defendants and Plaintiff. In addition, there is no evidence of misfeasance by Defendants."

This marks the second lawsuit against Jackson's estate that was dismissed in court. Last year, Michael Jackson's businesses were cleared in a lawsuit filed by James Safechuck, whose allegations were also detailed in Leaving Neverland. 

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