It seems like these famous musician biopics just keep coming and coming. One of the producers of 2018's Bohemian Rhapsodywhich showcased the life of Freddie Mercury and the band, Queen, has a new biopic under his belt. Graham King has secured the rights from Michael Jackson's estate, which permits him to use any music from MJ's extensive discography in his new film about the late "King of Pop." While a studio has not been attached to the project yet, King's company GK Films has selected Skyfall and Gladiator screenwriter John Logan to pen the script. Logan has collaborated with King in the past on films like Hugo, Rango, and the Scorsese-directed film The Aviator, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The Aviator, which won five Oscars in 2005, was also a biopic, telling the story of famous business man and pilot, Howard Hughes.

Vinnie Zuffante/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 25, 2009, has been a controversial figure for most of his life, and continues to be after his death. Earlier this year, the documentary Leaving Neverland was released, and tells the stories of the sexual abuse committed by Michael against two men when they were children. These allegations were not the first against the pop icon, who was accused of child molestation back in the 80s, which he settled out for in court. According to Deadline, the biopic will not be a sanitized interpretation of Michael's life, meaning theses cases of sexual abuse will likely be addressed in full in the the untitled project. It is not yet known when the film is scheduled to begin shooting.