Making an appearance on WEEI’s Dale & Keefe, famed Cowboys legend Michael Irvin mentioned that "some very significant people" were putting together a Dak Prescott trade to make way for Tom Brady, as noted by Complex.

"I am telling you right now, at the Super Bowl in Miami, some very significant people that I had conversations [with were] leaning in that same direction," Irvin explained when asked about rumors surrounding Brady going to the Cowboys. "It was shocking. I had a vodka cranberry in my hand and when they said it to me I put the drink down and said, 'Let’s talk a little bit more about this.' ... I promise you, I had a conversation with people, I can’t tell you who, about that same scenario going down."

Irvin later clarified on Twitter that he was not referring to anyone directly involved in the Cowboys organization: "I never said Jerry or anyone in the organization said this to me. It was NOT anyone with the [Dallas Cowboys]."

Prescott is currently in contract negotiations with the team. Both sides have failed to come to an agreement on total value and the latest rumors are that the team could franchise tag Prescott if need be. 

Brady has flirted with the idea of leaving New England this year.