Michael Blackson sat with The Breakfast Club to air out a whole slew of issues. In no order of of importance they discussed his falling out with Kevin Hart, his position on the Boycott Netflix Movement, and even lighter issues as they saw fit. The full 45 minute interview is available below.

Charlamagne spared the comedian no warm up period, as he started the discussion by asking him to break down his now public row with Kevin Hart. As you may know, the two comedians have a shared history, both coming up through the stand up scene in Philadelphia. Although their paths diverged at one some point in time, it's easy to point out that they share a similar sensibility of comedy, which lends itself either to close partnership or steely opposition. It seems the two comedians have chosen the latter.

Blackson commented on how his scathing video response to Kevin Hart's admission of spousal cheating is probably what really set off the feud. He defended himself by purporting that within the laws of comedy, his video response was in good taste, that if you put yourself in that predicament "you deserve whatever comes to you." 

Blackson defended his case yet again by maintain that his antics are a known commodity and should be taken with a grain of salt.

"That’s what Michael Blackson do. Michael Blackson makes fun of everybody. From Bill Cosby to Birdman, when he came here and tried to choke you, to Tyrese – and Tyrese was a n**** that I didn’t know that well, and I clowned this n**** to the fullest."