Michael Blackson usually has some type of slick comment prepped for trending news topics. As we reported, Kim Kardashian admitted that she was on ecstasy when she had sex with Ray J in the infamous sex tape that launched her career. "I did ecstasy once and I got married, I did it again and I made a sex tape," asserted Kim. She claimed that he quivering jaw was the sign that gave away her pleasureful ride. 

Sources close to Ray J then claimed that Kim was lying, and that her quivering was due to enjoying the sex. The story has become a back and forth of he-say-she-say, although Kim's camp is maintaining that she would not lie about something that has no effect on her present life. Blackson doesn't think Kim should be downplaying Ray J's role in the sex tape, and told TMZ that the Kardashian should be thanking his genitals instead of coming up with reasons to shame the experience. 

Blackson says it's not fair that Kim was dating Ray J for a while, and now she's trying to make him look like he took advantage of her. "That's like me dating a girl for four (years), my girl broke up with me and four years later she tells me I'm ugly,"  he jokes. Watch the full interview below.