If you want to get a good laugh out of your downtime on social media, Michael Blackson is always a good person to follow. Through his interactions with 50 Cent and his otherwise entertaining lifestyle, the comedian is a go-to on social media. You're sure to get a cheap giggle from his content and yesterday, he made sure to lead his followers into a string of confusion when he shared supposed messages he exchanged with Kim Kardashian.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

An outsider would possibly take a look at Blackson's latest post and believe that Kim Kardashian might be losing her mind. However, as noted by SOHH in their report, there's a high chance that the message is inauthentic. Blackson seemingly reached out to the reality star, who has been working closely with President Donald Trump to free low-level drug offenders from prison, and he wanted to know if he could stay a little longer in the United States. "Hey Kim I know you and Kanye break bread with that orange n***a named Trump, can ya ask him to extend my green card," asked the comedian. Kim hit back with a shocking response.

"I can help you out if you let my husband back into the dark skin committee," she allegedly wrote back. Blackson doesn't outwardly state that the DMs are fake. Instead, he asks if he should grant Yeezus permission to rejoin the league. Artists Akon, Papoose and reality star Karlie Redd found the post humorous, sharing laughing emojis in the comments. Even though there's a tiny chance this exchange actually happened, check it out below and have a laugh.