Michael Blackson and Kevin Hart's falling out was widely reported, but when it comes to political correctness, they have always stood on the same side of the debate. TMZ caught up with Michael Blackson to ask him for his outlook on the Kevin Hart - the Twitter saga causing him to step down as host of the 2019 Academy Awards.

Although public record makes it seem that stepping down was Hart's sole decision, Michael Blackson thinks that greater powers are involved in his dismissal, and not media pressure per se. Blackson told TMZ that all "Black Comedians" were guilty of offensive jokes in the past "whether it was 10 or 20 years ago."

Blackson, who admittedly is back to being on good terms with Hart, says that only comedian that he can think of one comic (Bill Cosby) who managed to keep his mouth clean and look what it did him and his victims after years of repression. But to his earlier point, Blackson believes the Academy was privy to this information (the homophobic Tweets from 2009-2011) when they handed him hosting duties, therefore they should be held accountable too.

Mind you, Blackson is not overly concerned for his friend. "Kevin is going to bounce back, he's a super duper star," Blackson said as he walked off into the night. Blackson and Kevin Hart's relationship dates back to the years they spent grinding it out in the Philadelphia stand-up scene. Check out the TMZ video below.