Ever wondered what the "B" in Micheal B. Jordan stands for? The real answer is Bakari, which is very similar to the new nickname which will undoubtedly stick to him once everyone realizes he's directing ads for Bacardi, joining Cardi B (not bad company) as A-listers with rum-based names.

The ad is based on the myth of the "angel's share," the portion of rum that is lost in the ageing process which, as legend has it, goes to the angels. Jordan met the Bacardi people in Miami a few years back and was charmed by "what they were doing in terms of encouraging young artists and creatives in the art space, and that really appealed to me." Roberto Ramirez Laverde, the VP of Bacardi in the States, said that he was attracted to Jordan for his personality as well as his technical skills: "Bacardi is a family owned rum brand and it was a natural fit to work with Michael — a man who values family above all else and has a true affinity for rum. Since he’s worked both behind and in front of the camera, he brought an added level of professionalism and expertise."

Jordan at a Bacardi Party. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Michael B gushed about his passion for rum to Variety:

Well for starters, we didn’t want to go the comedy route. This commercial shows the journey of rum and how it travels from the barrel to the community, getting back to the heart and foundation of where the Bacardi brand started. They’re patient, they take time in developing the aging process. They’re willing to wait and sacrifice rum for a quality product. Just the fact that a brand is willing to sacrifice their own product to make it better says a lot about what they stand behind, and I really connected with that.

Watch the whole ad below: