Michael B Jordan is one of the most praised physical specimens in Hollywood. For those of you who remember the scrawny young Jordan in The Wire, his transformation into Killmonger and Adonis Creed is fascinating. From a purely physical perspective, Jordan is built like a real-life athlete, even if he's just an actor. All that training has Jordan feeling like a true boxer though, and he told TMZ that he could take Roy Jones Jr. in a fight. 

To be completely honest, Jordan was speaking in a joking manner. He stated that Jones Jr. would knock him out easily in his prime, but now since the veteran boxer is old, Jordan thinks he can hold his own. Unfortunately, Jones Jr. doesn't feel the same. TMZ also caught up with the massive boxer, who doesn't think his age would stop him from laying the hurt down on Jordan. Obviously,  Jones Jr. has decades of experience in the ring, something Jordan lacks. "If Michael B wants this real, contact Roy Jones Jr. and we'll make it happen," brags the boxer after explaining how he's never ducked a fight in his life. "I know he can't beat me still," Jones Jr. continued. "Because... I know he's probably in better condition because he's younger ... but I'm a vet. I'm an old school vet."