Michael B. Jordan is now recognized as a renowned actor with credits in Black Panther, Creed and most beloved, Fruitvale Station. The film that follows the real-life story of Oscar Grant led Michael to be praised by many but according to him it stunted his acting career in some way. "Every historical black figure have come across my desk," Michael said at the 2019 Produced By conference. 

Of course, Michael felt blessed to have such opportunities but he's not the only Black actor in Hollywood. "As much as I would love to play all of them, I can’t," he explained.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Michael was asked about his own production company, Outlier Society Productions, and how he manages the balance of content for social impact versus content for entertainment. “We try to balance that as much as you can, to run a company where it’s not its entire identity but, at the same time it’s as an important silo and something that we care about,” he responded. 

“We struggle with the happy, mindless entertainment that doesn’t feel like it has some sort of substance to it,” Alana Mayo, president of development and production at the studio added. “And sometimes we just want to hit an issue that I think the both of us we will continue to make content about until we feel like we start to see the impact and the change in the real world.”