In their sixteen minute sit-down, Ebro and Micheal B. Jordan talk all over the map, including Jordan's status as a "thirst trap." He calls him the "the official sex symbol." He asked him about how it feels to be such a publicly desired person. Jordan replied:"You see it in bits and pieces and you're kinda just trying to be yourself, so when I get the response I'm flattered. I'm humbled by it, I smile." Jordan gamely transitioned into his more general public appeal, which makes sense, considering he's one of the biggest movies stars out there right now and one of the GQ "Men Of The Year."

This fame, although it's been building has been magnified significantly by Black Panther, one of the biggest movies ever. Although Jordan was killed off at the end of the film he said, of an appearance in a sequel that "everything's a possibility. It's possible, it's Marvel. Anything is possible." The first movie has also been discussed as the first of its kind (a superhero blockbuster) to get recognition at awards show, but Jordan doesn't think the movie needs that recognition:

The fact that Black Panther did what it did throughout this year and the impact that it's made on the culture and the community, that's a win. That's a win all on its own. The awards stuff, that's icing on the cake. I try not to think about it because it's not in my control but your mind wanders every once in a while.

For a moment they even touched on Stan Lee, who Jordan says he met "a few times." He described what happened when Stan Lee came on set for his cameo in Black Panther, "everyone just kinda stops what they're doing and watches him walk through, tryin' to get a handshake and talk to him for a little."