For reasons unknown, Michael B. Jordan is staying at Will Smith's cabin and he's really enjoying the crib, especially the kitchen. Instead of finding a five-star restaurant to grab some food or order in, the Creed actor has opted to cook himself a grand breakfast and dinner. 

Both meal preps were filmed since Michael had to get sufficient evidence that he whipped up the dishes himself since he's officially challenged Will to to a cook-off. "Soooo I got the honor to use big bruh @willsmith cabin & raided his kitchen and thought to myself 🤔 the legend has done it ALL...But I’ve never seen him cook. So I challenge you WILLARD C. SMITH to a cook off. 👨🏾‍🍳🍳🥔🥩🐟 🥓 (Knowing him he got his masters from Le Cordon Bleu 😂😂😂)," he captioned the video. 

In the clip below you can see Michael making scrambled eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast (crunch) and sausages. For dinner, he does the damn thing with mashed potatoes, steak, asparagus and even loaded pulled chicken nachos. 

Will's got some big boots to fill.