Michael Avenatti's foray into the public eye all started with his representation of Stormy Daniels and her case against President Donald Trump. Avenatti was then hired by victims of R. Kelly to represent them in court. While Avenatti has attached himself to worthy endeavors that many would deem as honorable, his intentions have been put into question. These questions have been swirling even more now ever since he was arrested for allegedly trying to extort Nike for over $20 million. Nike alleges that Avenatti tried to demand money from them in exchange for silence over Avenatti's claims that they were illegally giving money to young basketball players to go to Nike schools.

The whole situation is a bit of a mess and Avenatti could potentially be sentenced to 100 years in prison if convicted. Regardless, the high-profile lawyer believes he will win his case and that Nike will lose. In a new interview with TMZ, Avenatti doubles down on his case against Nike.

In the video, Avenatti claims that Nike executives will be hand-cuffed and eventually thrown in jail for their alleged corruption. It's a bold claim considering Nike is currently cooperating with a pending investigation surrounding what Avenatti is accusing them of.

There could be some credence to what Avenatti is saying as just last month, three men were put in jail over a similar scandal involving Adidas.