After what's felt like forever — OK, a little over three-and-a-half years, but still! — international rap-singer M.I.A. will finally be dropping new music on the pop world, and it's slated to arrive as early as this coming Friday.

"NEW DECADE, NEW MIA, EXPLORING PLANETS AND PLATFORMS, JOIN ME, JAN 31ST 2020," was all she wrote to describe the new tunes via Instagram (seen above), accompanied by a short sound preview that sounds exactly like what we'd expect from the eclectic musician. Big bass, catchy vibes and culturally-significant sonics that play into her Sri Lankan roots are what we're picking up on from the first listen. The post was also paired with a video in the second slide, which shows M.I.A. donning pink hair and mouthing something that could be lyrics or could be the title of the song/album she's gearing up to release this week. We'll let the super fans decode that one, but for now we're just excited to know that one of pop music's most forward-thinking and oftentimes politically-driven voices will be doing it all over again to start off the next era in her career. We love to see it!

Expect M.I.A. to make her return to music this Friday (January 31), but peep one of her last singles off 2016's AIM that could give us a hint at what vibe she's on now: