Former pornstar Mia Khalifa is a seasoned veteran when it comes to handling the massive influx of men sliding into her DMs. And she has no problem blasting anyone that dares approach her via direct message including, but not limited to, college football quarterbacks, NFL players, and professional baseball stars.

The Washington D.C. sports fanatic recently shared another glimpse into her DMs, this time calling out Chicago Cubs' catcher Willson Contreras. The 25-year old star has been trying to get Mia's attention for a little over one month from now but it wasn't until last night that she aired him out.

Check out the screen shots below, courtesy of @Miakhalifa.

Contreras didn't say anything remotely out of line, but a spokesperson for Octagon Baseball, the agency that represents Contreras, has issued a statement claiming his "twitter account was hacked."

As always, Mia Khalifa received some criticism for trying to put another athlete on blast. 

For example:

Mia previously bodybagged former Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly, who had tried to get her attention not once, but twice, and was swiftly rejected both teams. Former Buffalo Bills safety, Duke Johnson, also felt Mia's wrath back in 2015 when he dared to trespass into her DMs.

You can check out both of their experiences in Mia Khalifa's DMs below.