It's been a minute since we've heard some bars from Mez, but it would appear that the multitalented lyricist has returned to the fold. Today, Mez took a moment to share a freestyle on his Twitter page, bringing back his "Gundam Frees" series and reminding the masses of his prowess behind the mic. 

Taking to a reimagined version of Jay-Z's Blueprint classic "Song Cry," Mez keeps it introspective as he kicks off his near-two-minute verse. "Hard to fuck with n***as who stagnant when you got shit to do," he raps, laid back in his delivery. "Some n***as never really climb, like the elliptical / when I say climb I mean the mind and inside the spiritual / everything blocking shook it fast, like I was Mystikal / mama kept us up in the Ross shopping, that's ritual / girl you put the drip in my soul, it's like a chemical."


Image via Artist

As the freestyle progresses, he makes sure to pay homage to a few of his key influences -- including creative genius Hideo Kojima, the mind behind classic video games like the Metal Gear Solid series and the recent Death Stranding. "Masashi Kishimoto, that Naruto shit was spiritual, Hideo Kojima that Metal Gear shit, impenetrable / ya'll shit kept a n***a imagination on 10 and who knows, I could have been with my n***a facing a ten year." 

While news on Mez's anticipated debut album remains relatively scarce, perhaps this new freestyle is a sign that the rapper is looking to get the ball rolling -- not that he really needs to, seeing the success he's been having in visual medium. Either way, this "Gundam Free" proves that Mez still has it, so be sure to check out this new batch of bars as soon as possible. 

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