The Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City is known for reportedly being haunted but that doesn't prevent NBA teams from booking the hotel whenever they come to town to play the Thunder. Some players, like the Lakers' Larry Nance Jr and Lou Williams flat out refuse to stay at the Skirvin Hilton and instead pay for their own lodging when in OKC.

Metta World Peace isn't afraid of no ghosts though. 

Over the weekend during the Lakers' stay at the famous hotel, one of the "ghosts" at the Skirvin inappropriately touched Metta World Peace, although he says he wasn't spooked because he was too tired and because a good movie was on.

"The ghosts were all over me. I just accepted it," World Peace said, "They touched me all over the place. I’m taking one of the ghosts to court for touching me in the wrong places."

"I was watching a good movie and I was tired. I didn’t want to move."

As the legend goes, Oklahoma City's Skirvin Hilton Hotel is haunted by a maid named Effie who jumped out of a 10th floor window to her death while carrying the baby of the hotel's original owner, W.B. Skirvin. 

Multiple teams including the Knicks, Bulls and Miami Heat have all reported numerous disturbances, including doors slamming on their own and other strange noises, while staying at the hotel. Last February, Kyrie Irving was forced to sit out of a game due to a lack of sleep and bed bugs he got while staying at the Skirvin.

Despite the reported paranormal activity, it looks like the Lakers and other teams across the league will continue to stay there.