Just the other day, GQ Style's interview with Diplo surfaced. In the interview, he said that Rihanna turned down a Major Lazer feature, referring to it as "reggae music at an airport." Well in that same interview, he ended up name dropping a few other artists that were in a session with himself and Rihanna including Future, The Weeknd and Metro Boomin.

When referring to Metro, he claimed that he was there before anyone knew him... Which Metro Boomin' didn't seem to like. In a tweet earlier today, Metro Boomin' quoted a tweet from Pop Crave that had screenshots of the print interview which included that part of the interview

"lol @ "Metro Boomin was there before anyone knew who he was" don't speak 4 everybody n*gga" read the tweet from Metro.

In a following tweet which has since been deleted, Metro said "N*gga gon try to declare when n*ggas did and didn't know who I was." 

While in a way, it seems that Diplo was trying to "big bro" Metro, it didn't seem malicious in anyway. However, Metro Boomin' has been having hits under his belt prior to him blowing up on a mainstream level. While he wasn't as big as he is today, it's not like the majority of the hip hop community did not know Metro Boomin' has had a very large role in the growth of trap music.  

Check the screenshots of the tweets below: