Metro Boomin is quickly making a name for himself in this rap game, producing trap-driven beats for some of Atlanta's hottest rappers, from Future to 2 Chainz, to newer faces on the rise like Young Thug and Young Scooter. In October 2013 we received the producer's first mixtape, 19 & Boomin, and since then he's continually been on our radar with production credits on Wiz Khalifa's 28 Grams mixtape, Future's Honest, Young Thug's dope mix of "The Blanguage", and the list goes on.

The producer recently had some free time while out in NYC, and paid a visit to our offices where he discussed the long-awaited Metro Thuggin collaborative album with Thugga.

"Definitely takin' a lot of time on this, and just want everybody to enjoy this...just to have an organized body of work from Thug, I know a lot of people really ain't getting that right now. As far as all these mixtapes and all these random songs popping up...It's really just to get something official," the producer said of the anticipated tape.

Metro Boomin went on to speak on a second project on his plate, a follow up to 19 & Boomin."Man, 20 & Boomin, it's going to be a movie," the Atlanta native said. "I feel like 19 & Boomin, it really exceeded my expectations of what I wanted to do. I was very pleased with that, it was just a great feeling for everybody to be listening to all these songs, these songs just poppin' up off of there. This time, I just wanna make it even crazier. Obviously I'm a lot further than I was a year ago, so I have a lot more reach. You can expect a broad list of artists, just even sonically, sound-wise, quality-wise, it's gunna be stepped up a notch. Okay the first mixtape that was cool, but now it's like, still gunna have street songs and everything, but it's gunna be presented in a better way, more upscale."