Metro Boomin was floored by "fake woke" people having the audacity to criticize billionaires for only donating a portion of their wealth towards stopping the spread of coronavirus. As the world faces the global crisis that is the coronavirus pandemic, many public figures have donated some of their money in order to help. Whether it be for the sake of providing food, medical supplies and equipment, research, facilities, you name it, various wealthy folks have been reported as having contributed to coronavirus causes. Among these people are billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Los Angeles Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, who both possess obscene amounts of money. Both billionaires were recently revealed to have donated $25 million toward funding research for coronavirus treatment and accelerated testing for coronavirus, respectively. However, this amount garnered some backlash, as Ballmer and Zuckerberg both boast net worths in the $50 billion range. Many folks pointed out that either of these men parting ways with $25 million is essentially the equivalent of an average person donating around $25-$30.

While some agree that billionaires shouldn't be applauded for donating less than 1% of their net worth, others feel that donating any amount at all will still make a difference, let alone $25 million. Metro Boomin is among the latter, taking to Twitter to contribute to the billionaire donation discourse by coming to the defence of folks like Zuckerberg and Ballmer and call those criticizing them, "fake woke."

Metro proceeded to point out that "the same people complaining about $25 million donations won’t even donate a single canned good to their local food bank or shelter." 

He also emphasized the importance of the intent behind a donation, which, in this case, is "to save lives and preserve mankind."

He made sure to clarify he's not "defending billionaires" but rather "defending common sense," by indicating that $25 million is better than nothing, and will certainly go a long way to help people.

What do you think? Should billionaires be expected to donate more, or is a number like $25 million already enough to make change?