Over the years, the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) has become one of the most popular means of artists connecting with their fans. This week, Wu-Tang's Method Man hopped on the trend to promote his upcoming releases.

“Meth Lab coming soon. Blackout 3 working now… Meth Lab is done and Crystal Meth starts after Blackout 3,” he said in a typed message.

For fans, the sheer amount of material is an exciting change; Meth releases are infamously scarce. 

During the AMA session, Method Man also stated that today’s rap music is “okay,” but needs “a bit more diversity.” He also fielded questions regarding his work with Notorious B.I.G., his marijuana use and what he considers the core principals of the Wu's music ("Brotherhood, unity, trust, tact, honor, oath, loyalty, excellence. Now take the first letter of each word - B.U.T.T.H.O.L.E.")

Check out the entire Reddit AMA right here.

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Are you looking forward to new projects from Method Man? What's your favorite Wu-Tang solo release? Share your thoughts.