It's not often that a rap collective produces several top-tier MCs that withstand the test of time, though it's not unheard of. Perhaps that's why Wu-Tang Clan is indisputably one of the best hip-hop groups of all time. In a recent interview with MC Serch on The Serch Says podcast, Method Man revealed not only his top 5 MCs of all time but also who he believed is the most underrated member of the group -- Inspectah Deck.

Kevin Winter/ImageDirect/Getty Images

"I think a lot of the appeal to Deck is … remember back in the days, before videos, and you heard an MC, you had to kind of -- you never knew what they looked like, all you could focus on was the words," Meth told Serch. "I think if Deck came in that era right there where all they could focus on was the words and not the spectacle of what’s going on around him, he would have blew up much more than he did."

He added, "He’s very well respected but when you think of Wu-Tang, honestly his name doesn’t come up first. But when you think iconic verses, his name is coming up first.”

Meth continued to explain Cappadonna's position as the person who essentially showed everyone in Wu-Tang Clan how to rap. “People frontin’ on Capp and shit, but Capp damn near taught all of us to rhyme and shit. He was doing that way back before we was even thinking about fuckin’ rhymin'," he said before declaring Deck as top 5 dead or alive. "“I’m giving him his roses now. Deck. Top 5, dead or alive," he said before Serch inquired about the other four slots. "Nobody. Deck. Deck. Deck. Deck. Fuckin’ Deck. My shit might change in the future but right now, my Top 5 is Deck.”

Serch explained to HipHopDX in an interview about his new podcast that he already knew a lot about Meth but many of the questions were laid out so he can hear these answers come out of Method Man's mouth. 

"We have a research team,” Serch told HipHopDX. “Our podcast, I really mirror it the way Howard Stern runs his show. We have people that do pre-interviews before the artists come up and do their show. We do a lot of research before every show so that when they come on to the show, we’re not asking the dummy questions like, ‘Where are you from?’"

Check out clips from their podcast below.