Many things can be said about Kanye West, but one thing is for certain. Producing five albums in just a few months is an amazing feat. Kanye did just that when he decided to simultaneously work on Nas, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor's albums while also crafting his own solo project and a joint EP with Kid Cudi. The joint project was one of the better albums in the bunch, and Kanye sounded much sharper on Kids See Ghosts than he did on Ye. Wu-Tang Clan veteran Method Man sat down with HipHop DX recently, and revealed that he believes Kanye and Kid Cudi are similar to him and RZA.

"Good for Kanye and Kid Cudi,” Method Man stated. “Good for them, ’cause that’s where it started. That’s his foundation right there, Kid Cudi. I think Cudi could bring that [the ‘old Kanye’] out of him. It’s like me getting back with RZA. It’s like something about that shit. It’s just something about it. It’s not even his beats." He continued on to explain the bond a little further. “It’s just his presence alone brings something else up out of me and I write my best shit. And like I said, it don’t even have to be his beat. It’s just, that motherfucker, you know? It’s like just being around that nigga.”

Meth's partner in crime, Redman, added, “Yeah, being around the RZA now, that’s where it started from. We’re just comfortable.”