The legendary Wu-Tang rapper slash How High star has become one of hip-hop's most respected figures, continuously blessing the stage with lit live performances for years. On Saturday, Method Man found himself on some mountains in Aspen, Colorado, where he found himself engaged in a  Revenant-esque battle with the elements. With altitudes of over 8,000 feet, Meth soon realized that the seemingly effortless task of breathing had become increasingly difficult. Luckily, Method Man's lungs have been training for decades. 

Method Man and Redman were all set to perform at the 2018 X Games, and Meth sat down for a quick pre-performance chat. When asked how he's holding up, Meth kept it one hundred. "It's—I'm trying. This altitude is killing me, you know? Hard to complete a sentence without taking that deep breath." When asked what it's like performing under such conditions, Meth drops off a blunt response. "It sucks. But you know, we still have that energy and we gonna turn up." 

Method Man is clearly in no mood, as he jokingly-not-jokingly hints that he has some words with whoever booked him to perform in the first place. "I'm more excited to see who booked me," says Meth. "So I can scream at em' about this scheduling. Actually I'm looking forward for the performance in the middle of the half-pipe."

Speaking of which, Meth and Red came through for an energetic performance of the classic "Da Rockwilder," which you can catch below. It's admittedly kind of amusing seeing Method Man playing the curmudgeon, but can you really blame him?