Back in 2001, How High was released with Method Man and Redman as the stars. The stoner comedy became a favorite among hip-hop fans and when a sequel was announced, the prospect for more of Silas and Jamal's adventures was intriguing. Many questions were still in play though. Would the original cast return? How true to the original would the sequel be? And where would they go with the remake? After some time passed, many of those questions were answered as Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly were cast in How High 2. It was still unclear whether or not Method Man and Redman would be making a return though and that seems to have been answered in a recent report by TMZ.

According to the publication, the duo was not cast in the made-for-TV sequel, leaving many to wonder where exactly this is headed. The new film will reportedly be significantly different from the original since it's being made for a PG-13 television audience. One of the original producers, Shauna Garr, is returning to the film, which began filming last week in Atlanta.

With Yachty and Young Fly in the starring roles, are you planning on checking out the sequel? There's apparently still a possibility that Redman and Method Man make a cameo or star in a potential trilogy but chances are looking pretty slim right now.