Yesterday, it was revealed that the legendary Method Man would be going up against the formidable battle rap heavyweight Math Hoffa, a tilt that captured the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts. And while they didn't initially provide a release date, fans didn't have to wait very long. As of now, the battle has officially landed. Cinematic in nature, the tense head-to-head finds both emcees in the zone as Math Hoffa sets things off with an opening attack.

Method Man

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

"I religiously buy guns by the size of what what the weapon is, he gone needed Jesus if I bap this where Method is," he snarls. "My gun connect, bless the kid, you see I'm flexing? Understand the power of God is in this three-five-seven." As Hoffa fires off his bars, Meth stands in defiance, cutting an imposing cloth; new to the battle rap scene, many curious fans were eager to see how he'd fare against such a worthy opponent.  

It doesn't take long for Method Man's pedigree to reveal itself. "You must be off a bad pill, stepping on a landmine," he spits. "I'll bury you in a landfill, that's two Hoffas they can't find / you done lost your damn mind, or you straight twisted dawg / I'm from Staten, when cops swarm there we let the pistols off / when Park Hill had to eat, the street is how I hit them scores / machete out, I'm a genius -- I caught a lick with swords." 

No matter where you stand, this one stands as a triumph for hip-hop culture. Check out the full battle below and be sure to chime in with your take on the winner. Do you think Method Man should hold it down with even more battles? If this only whetted your appetite for some new Tical, keep an eye out for that upcoming project with Havocset to arrive by the end of the year.