Merriam-Webster announced new additions to the dictionary for 2018, expanding on the 840 new entries, many of which you surely know. Merriam-Webster describes their choice to include new words as, “the addition of new words to a dictionary is a step in the continuous process of recording our ever-expanding language.”

The dictionary says they are highlighting the value of mass education and inclusion by making sure that as soon as a word is spread throughout a certain subculture or majority, it is added to the dictionary. Tech words such as haptics, airplane mode, and Instagramming are being added, as are casual speech and abbreviated words. Examples include marg (margarita), fav (favorite), rando (random), adorbs (adorable), avo (avocado), guac (guacamole), and the ever-popular, bougie (bourgeois).

Other words coming this year are hangry, mocktails, tent city, self-harm, Generation Z, Latinx, bingeable, TL;DR (too long, didn’t read). Which inclusion is the most surprising to you?