Bay Area rapper Laney Keyz is lucky to have walked away with his life after three gunmen opened fire at his Los Angeles home. Surveillance footage captured the incident, which happened last month, where the men can be seen approaching his residence before riddling it with bullets. 

TMZ obtained footage of the men approaching what is reportedly Laney Keyz' residence in the early morning of February 18th. They fire off several rounds at the property before turning around and making a run for it. One of the guys seemed to linger around to shoot at the residence a little more before eventually running off with his accomplices. 

Law enforcement sources tell the publication that LAPD found a number of shell casings on the ground around where the shoot-out took place, but they have yet to be able to capture the suspects involved in the case. Fortunately for Laney, TMZ also reports that no one was injured in the gunfire and an investigation is forthcoming. 

Sources familiar with the situation say the rapper was inside his home at the time of the shooting, but he did not suffer any injuries. They also report that no one can think of a possible motive for the shooting either. 

Keyz hails from Oakland, and has collaborated with the likes of Lil Keed and Lil Yachty. We'll keep you updated on further developments in the case.