Earlier today, we reported on Men In Black: International doing fairly well in the US box office. Accordingly, our reports indicated a promising debut for the newest installment to the franchise and a total of $28.5 million dollars in weekend box office sales. The aforementioned number was very close to the expectations, though below what projections hoped for. And now, the international box office numbers are in and Variety reports are indicating further success for the Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth-helmed movie. Accordingly, the movie has been ranked number one overseas with a smashing $74 million dollars in the international box office. The number stems from 56 different foreign territories and also considers its slightly disappointing $28 million dollars start from its North American leg.  

To note, the largest chapter of the comedic science fiction franchise saw a striking $102.2 million dollar debut back when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones featured in the movie. Yet, considering the lack of the famed actor in the newest film, the return on profit is considerably impressive. Despite claims of franchise fatigue, the movie is doing much better than X-Men's latest addition, Dark Phoenix, which is still continuing to take on major losses with a significant drop in sales since its debut the previous Friday.