You may have heard Memphis rapper Yoyo Munie when a track titled "Bet Yo Bank Roll" made blog circulation a few years back. The song featured a guest verse from Juicy J, and a very catchy well written hook, akin to something Juicy might do himself. Juicy has acknowleged Yoyo in a couple of tweets since, but for the most part, the rapper has not made much of an impact since the collab with J broke.

It seems Yoyo has suceeded in drawing attention to himself once again, claiming through a series of tweets that he has done extensive ghostwriting for Juicy J. Complex writer and Three 6 expert David Drake reached out to the rapper to get his side of the story.

"I've been writing for Juicy for like three years," revealed Yoyo. "He pays me. It's work-for-hire."

The rapper revealed that while he had been paid sufficiently, Juicy had agreed to promote him in return for his services. When Yoyo felt that J was not living up to his end of the agreement, he decided to come out with the information. "He doesn't owe me no money. I've been waiting for him to put me out, but he didn't want to put me out. I keep doing songs for him, and he don't want to give me no time." said the Memphis rapper.

Yoyo claims to have worked on much of the material that has come out of Juicy J's recent resurgence, allegedly working on his Rubba Band Business 2 tape, as well as Blue Dream And Lean, to which he said "If there's 24 songs on there, I did at least 20 of them songs, in the studio with him personally."

The rapper also claimed to have written the hooks on  high profile tracks such as Juicy's biggest hit to date "Bands A Make Her Dance", as well as two his contribution's to Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being II"'Gun Walk' and 'Trippy,' they're on Lil Wayne's album, I wrote them," he said. "That's what I'm mad about. He gets hooks from me, gives them to other people, and he's supposed to be putting me on, and he don't put me on. It's pissing me off, so..."

Juicy J's representatives have denied all of Yoyo's claims, stating that "There is absolutely no truth to this."

Watch Yoyo Munie and Juicy J's collaboration below. Do you think there's any truth to Yoyo's claims?