It's Memorial Day, which means you are probably chilling with friends, playing some good music (if you need any help there's this), and having a couple of dranks (possibly some bonus substances too). Although this may be the generally agreed-upon routine for the holiday, the actual meaning behind the day, the weight of the day, belongs to the fallen soldiers who gave their life for America, and even in all the summer-starting fun being had today, these soldiers are not forgotten in various forms of respect and tribute.

Wiz Khalifa's tweet late last night, which reflected on how the youth (even the not-so-young) celebrate Memorial Day, ended up catching the ire of the twittersphere, as fans called him out for what appeared to be a tweet lacking in respect. 

Wiz tweeted, "When you get my age Memorial Day is about getting shit faced by the pool, eatin Bbq and not rememberin shit so...Yea." After the criticism started pouring in, he followed the tweet up with an explainer: "Didn't mean anything rude, that was just my way of saying sometime people rather focus on the good times than the bad."

What do you think of the tweets? Reason for wrath or nah? Check out some of the responses below.