Donald Trump's Twitter fingers are infamous. Barack Obama and Donald Trump are the only American presidents to have access to the social media site, and their actions on Twitter have been on opposing sides of the spectrum. Trump is known to take shots at journalists, politicians, comedians, rappers, and athletes in his spare time. His wife Melania claims she doesn't see eye-to-eye with all of her husband's online tactics. 

As reported by DailMail, Melania had a few choice statements to make about Donald's behavior on Twitter. While on a solo trip in Egypt, Melania was asked about Trump's online rants. "I don't always agree with what he tweets, and I tell him that," she stated.  "I give my honest opinion and honest advice. Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't, but I have my own voice and my opinions, and it's very important to me I express what I feel."

 "Have you ever told him to put his phone down?," asked one reporter. "Yes," responded Melania with a laugh. It's hard to imagine that the discussion of Trump's Twitter antics doesn't come up often at their dinner table. Still, Melania stands behind her husband even if she doesn't agree with how he handles his social media presence.