President Donald Trump has experienced his fair share of booing, but his wife, Melania, may have just received her worst lot yet. In fact, CNN reporter Kate Bennett, who has been covering FLOTUS for the past few years, claimed she has never seen her receive such a negative response for a solo appearance. On Tuesday (Nov. 26), the First Lady delivered a speech to a crowd of middle and high school students at the B'More Youth Summit in Baltimore, Maryland.

Trump spoke on behalf of her Be Best initiative, which seeks to raise awareness about dangers to children's well-being. Her speech at Tuesday's summit focused on the opioid epidemic and tried to inspire the audience to lead a "drug-free life." "Get involved and be a part of the solution," she said. "Talk to your family and friends about what you have learned and help them understand how they too can be part of this powerful movement." 

In footage of her speech, boos can be made out from the noise in the background. While this response could be attributed to Melania's passionless preaching or the general dislike of the Trump family, it may likely stem from the inflammatory things that her husband has said about Baltimore in the past. In July, the President responded to Maryland Rep. Elijah Cumming's critique of his border policies by referring to his Baltimore district as a "disgusting, rat, and rodent infested mess."