Mel B went through a difficult divorce with Stephen Belafonte. She asked one of her friends to help her heal from the ordeal with a strange request to surgically remove the skin upon which she had tattooed a tribute to her love for Belafonte. The singer rid her body of the ink but she still holds on to it, keeping the cut off skin contained within a jar she tucked away in her wardrobe.

 Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

"It sounds horrific when you say it like that. What I went through was so horrific and this one particular tattoo that my ex forced me to have was, 'Stephen until death do us part, you own my heart'.

"So I convinced a good friend of mine, a doctor – 'can you just cut it off my body?' I wanted him removed from my body."

"It's like a rape victim, the first thing you want to do is get in the bath and scrub every part of your body to get that person off you, so in essence that was kind of what I did with some of the surgeries that I had.

"Just to make myself feel clean and new again. I didn't want to have any remnant of him on me."