A few days ago, Megan Thee Stallion previewed her brand new single "Hot Girl Summer," announcing that it would be out tomorrow. Her fans have been patient, replaying the snippet over and over to get a feel for the vibe, but they'll unfortunately need to wait another seven days before the track is released. 


The Houston Hottie took to her Twitter profile today to tell her audience that the upcoming single has been pushed back for an August 9 release. The general reaction is one of understanding with Meg's fanbase informing her that they're okay with waiting an extra week. However, some observant fans believe that the song may have earned an inclusion from another very famous female rapper. After their live-stream this week, rumours have been swirling about Megan and Nicki Minaj with fans praying that they collaborate on a song together. In the comments to the "Big Ole Freak" rapper's post, a large number of folks are begging her to add Nicki onto "Hot Girl Summer," assuming that the delay could have been ordered to give her time to record a verse.

It would be a good look for both Megan and Nicki to link up. Right now, Thee Stallion is the hottest female rapper in the game, exciting hip-hop fans and introducing her Southern charm to the world. Nicki Minaj is also in the midst of a comeback, hoping to bounce back after her "Megatron" single didn't perform well on the charts. Do you think Nicki will be hopping on "Hot Girl Summer?"