As Megan Thee Stallion reveals that her Revlon collaboration has sold out, the shooting she was involved in one year ago has once again reared its controversial head. DaBaby's scandal has caused several artists to speak up on his behalf, including the likes of Boosie Badazz, T.I., and Tory Lanez. The latter didn't specifically cite DaBaby in his tweets, but social media users believed he was speaking about his "SKAT" collaborator.

"When did rap get so politically correct that u can’t speak your mind and have an opinion," tweeted the Toronto star. "Why the f*ck was rap started ?... for us to speak our mind .... rappers will not always be right, and u don’t have to agree . But they have a right to speak their mind."

A Twitter user responded by asking, "Since when can rappers shoot girls on the feet?" Lanez had some time today, so he retweeted the message and added, "Since when have u had ACTUAL evidence that I did that ??? I'll wait." The exchange was reposted by The Neighborhood Talk and someone tagged Kelsey Nicole, Megan's ex-best friend, who was reportedly there when the rapper was shot.

Kelsey hasn't shared her side of the story and has not named Lanez as the shooter, but she has faced accusations that she was paid to keep quiet. Kelsey has denied those allegations and it didn't seem that she was happy to be included in this conversation, either.

"Y'all annoying , stop tagging me," she replied. "Cuz if I get to going off it's gonna be a problem." This only further enticed people to agitate her because they believe she holds the key to finding out what happened that evening. The case against Lanez is ongoing. Check it all out below.