Our Instagram feeds were blessed last night with Megan Thee Stallion and Ciara's strong-kneed content. Behind the scenes at the American Music Awards' red carpet rollout, they dropped it low and showed how effortlessly they could twerks in fine dresses and high heels. Meg dubbed the duo "team long legs", while Ciara shoutout out their "#strongkneegame". 

While everyone may have been distracted by the booty-shaking and their curiosity regarding which regimen could possibly allow their knees to sustain that exertion, another video from the ladies' get-together made its rounds online. This one features some more family-friendly content, as Meg is seen picking up Ciara's 5-year-old son, Future Zahir, and spinning him around. "He's mine's now!" Meg shouts, exhibiting archetypal auntie behaviour. Ciara eventually swoops in to save her son from the dizzyness. 

Future Zahir is of course known for being the offspring of Ciara and Future, the rapper, but he's also known for being an impressive dancer. Ciara often shares videos showing off her son's moves, who seems to be greatly inspired by Michael Jackson. In fact, he's such a fan of the late King of Pop that he even dressed up as him for Halloween this year