Megan Thee Stallion shared a video on Instagram on Sunday morning (Dec. 15), in which she gets touchy with Wiz Khalifa. She sits in the passenger seat behind him with her hand gripped around his neck, as they go for an early morning drive. The unreleased Wiz song that plays in the background narrates that exact moment: "6 AM and we still trapping / I'm riding 'round with a Stallion / She testing me, I accept the challenge." 

Even though Meg and Wiz have given us reason to believe that they are merely friends, this sort of clip accompanied by these sorts of lyrics will inevitably spark some dating rumors. Meg was quick to put them to rest when someone suggested that her and Wiz were a thing in her comment section. "First moneybag, trey, now wiz," the speculator wrote. "None of them," Meg firmly replied.   

The "Hot Girl Summer" leader later took to Twitter to emphasize that people have to stay out of her dating life, especially if they're always going to have the wrong idea. "Moving on is not 'belonging to the streets' y’all men and judgmental women gotta grow up lol," she wrote. Since the "she belongs to the streets" slogan has been popularized by none other than Future, Meg decided to clarify that she's a self-possessed woman and isn't up for grabs for these other rappers.