During a recent live interview with 99JAMZ in Miami, Megan Thee Stallion spoke about her relationship with Moneybagg Yo, as well as her thoughts on the whole Jermaine Dupri, now that all the dust had settled over his remarks -regarding "stripper rappers" to quote him directly. Supa Spicy, as depicted behind the scenes with the Hot Meg before-or-after their exchange, joined up with co-host DJ Entice in asking their guest a slew of unyielding questions.


On the subject of Jermaine Dupri's remarks from a few week's ago, Megan was in no mood to pay him lip service, let alone acknowledge his historical foothold. "Who is he?" she stammered when DJ Entice asked her to respond directly to his claims. If you'll recall, Jermaine Dupri degraded women in hip-hop by relegating their contributions to a portmanteau containing the keywords Stripper + Rap = Strap. 


Megan's decision to overlook Dupri's unwanted commentary bodes really well for her in particular, because to stop and pay the old head lip service would equate to her putting her ascension on pause. They do call it a Hot Girl Summer for a reason. Every movement has its flagbearer, some more graceful than others.