Megan Thee Stallion released her Tina Snow EP in 2018 that came equipped with an alter ego of the same name. Since the introductory, Megan has grown to become an established female rapper in the game and secured a few #1 titles and hot features. However, she hasn't forgotten where she came from since dawning a Tina Snow look for her fans on Instagram. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

One of the "Cash Shit" rapper's latest posts to her feed sees her dressed up in a hot girl number with fish net tights, silver body suit and white fur along her shoulders. "Tina Snow ❄️," she wrote.

"Tina Snow is my alter ego and she’s the pimp and the mack," Megan previously stated of her alter ego. "Tony Snow was one of Pimp C’s many aliases, and Pimp C is my favorite rapper. He just makes me feel so cool and so laid back. I get into my act when I listen to Pimp C so I turn myself into Tina Snow, his opposite. When people listen to me I want them to feel cool as hell. I want them to get in their act when they’re listening to Tina Snow."