There have been plenty of accomplishments for Megan Thee Stallion throughout her career, but this one was especially exceptional for the Houston rapper. There are many politicians who are fans of rap and hip hop artists, whether it be for their music or their efforts outside of the industry, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters has taken notice of the Houston Hottie.

Megan Thee Stallion, MAxine Waters, MTV VMAs, New York Times, Letter
Astrid Stawiarz /VMN19 / Contributor / Getty Images

Megan Thee Stallion shared a photo of a letter she received Rep. Maxine Waters where the congresswoman praised the rapper for her recent op-ed piece for the New York Times. "I can't thank you enough for bringing much needed attention to the plight of Black women, not just here in the United States - but everywhere," Waters wrote.

"While we are too often overlooked, there is no doubt that Black women are a glue for our families and communities," Waters added. "And a crucial part of the fabric of this country."

"One of the highlights of my year was getting a letter from Congress Woman @repmaxinewaters," Megan wrote in the caption to her post. "I am so honored to be recognized by such an amazing woman and I promise to keep using my voice and encourage others to use theirs." After sharing the letter, Meg jumped back into twerking action as she uploaded another video showing that her knees are still as strong as ever. Check out the posts from the Grammy-nominated rapper below.