There's a thin line between love and hate, as well as fandom and obsession. Superfans will go to great lengths to show their dedication to the artists that they admire, and sometimes that includes body modification. Tattoos aren't exactly taboo in today's culture as it's almost more difficult to find someone without ink than it is someone with a tattoo, so it isn't surprising that in fandom, the first things devotees turn to is using their skin as canvasses to display the love they have for their favorite musicians.

A woman named Kristi showed her dedication to Megan Thee Stallion by visiting North Carolina tattoo artist Jon Dump and asking to have the Fever rapper's face permanently etched into her skin. What resulted is a well-done tattoo, and after Dump shared it to his social media page, Megan soon saw it and posted it on her own.

"Hey @theestallion.. you got some serious fans out here! Did this today on a serious fan," Dump captioned his photo. Megan wrote, "WOW REAL HOT GIRL SH*T !!! I gotta find this hottie and do something special for you." That "hottie," Kristi, isn't just a fan of Megan's, but of Nicki Minaj, as well. On Kristi's Instagram, she shows off her Nicki-inspired tattoo that had less than favorable results.

Of course, there have been people who have criticized Kristi's tattoos, but the one that bothered her the most was a comment from someone who made ethnicity an issue. "Okay this one pissed me off," Kristi wrote. "Why the hell does it matter what the person's skin color is? I happen to be a white woman who has women who I admire and respect on my arms. They just happen to be black women. What's so wrong with that? It's art and all out of love and respect."