If you choose to participate in Megan Thee Stallion's viral dance challenge for her song "Savage," you better come correct. Don't bring your lazy dance moves and follow the choreography to an exact measure, or else you're facing a tongue-lashing by the H-Town Hottie.

Tamar Braxton tried her hand at the TikTok challenge, bringing out strange Power Ranger-esque moves for the video. She didn't quite bring the heat, shaking her ass at the end but still perplexing fans with her dancing. Even Megan Thee Stallion herself responded to the video, posting it on her own page and begging somebody to either take Tamar's phone away or teach her the dance.

Megan Thee Stallion Tamar Braxton
Erik Voake/Getty Images

"Y’all somebody please go teach my big sister the dance," wrote The Savage One on Instagram, tagging Braxton in the video. Aside from her tongue-out antics, Tamar Braxton didn't impress much with the display, but it was still enough to bring a smile to Stalli's face.

The Savage Challenge has been picking up a lot of traction on social media, bringing the song to the top spot of iTunes' chart. This has the potential to become one of her biggest songs to date, boosting her Suga project at the same time.

Watch Tamar's rendition of the dance below.