You can say what you want about Megan Thee Stallion but she let it be known that her work ethic is indisputable. The Head of the Houston Hotties recognizes that she's not going to be everyone's cup of tea and she had a message for those that continuously speak negatively about her. 

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"I still be tryin' to work my ass off because the motherf*ckin' grind don't stop," she said on Instagram Live. "I ain't motherf*ckin perfect, my n*gga. I ain't neva said I was. Everybody ain't gon' f*ck wit me, everybody ain't gon' like me. It's cool. I don't give a f*ck. To them hoes that don't like me [middle finger]. To them n*ggas, too. 'Cause a b*tch be workin', okay. That's what you can't say. You can't say I don't be workin'."

As Megan is touring the world, making the media rounds, and writing new music, the college student is also completing her studies on the road. She added that she recently got her test score back and received an 88, although she argued it should have been a 90. "It ain't motherf*ckin' easy being this motherf*ckin' greasy, b*tch!" Then, she enigmatically said she's been holding her tongue when "I really could be talkin' a lot of sh*t about a lotta sh*t, but I be lettin' it slide, 'cause I'm 'posed to be the motherf*ckin' bigger person in all these situations." Hm, we wonder what she could be referring to?