Megan Thee Stallion has officially announced that, effective immediately, she will be taking a short leave of absence from the rap game, telling her fans that she will be on hiatus from music releases and social media.

The rapper has become a crossover superstar, enjoying several hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and winning three Grammy Awards this year. She's taken over the music business and she's preparing her next steps but before she reveals her deck of cards, she needs some time to regenerate and load up. On Thursday, Megan told her fans that she will not be posting for the next little, hyping up her return.

The futuristic announcement showed the rapper with a mask over her face as she shuts down, airing the following message: "Megan Thee Stallion is recharging! Due to the demands of the Hot Girl lifestyle, <Meg> has not entered a period of regeneration to prepare for what's next. In her absence, mgmt will manage all social posting on behalf of Thee Hot Girl Coach. [Thee Hotties] lead a brave //RESISTANCE in anticipation for the return of their Fearless Captain!"

The promo has fans wondering what could come next for Stalli, who is yet to release a deluxe version of her debut album Good News. In one of the images posted today, she wears the same bodysuit from her Good News photoshoot, so it's possible that we could be leading up to that.

Will you miss Megan Thee Stallion during her hiatus?