One of rap's most prestigious couples right now is the union between Megan Thee Stallion and MoneyBagg Yo. They do not appear to be too serious about their romance but both rappers keep on ending up in each other's arms at night, signalling that something larger may be on the horizon. Still though, they appear to be taking things slowly. Bagg has made his way onto Stalli's social pages and the same can be said about the Houston Hottie on the Memphis spitter's page. Today, they wanted to remind everybody that they're still going strong with a very sexy photo of them caressing, with Meg finding a way to flaunt her vicious curves.

Bagg and Meg posed for a quick photo as the "Hot Girl Summer" singer arched her back and showed off the best angles for her backside. She wears a black thong and fishnet tights with glitter accessories. Young Tina Snow rocks blue tresses atop her head and gets close to her man in the image, proving that she and Bagg are still very much a couple.

Do you think these two will last? They're not exactly showing each other off on a daily basis, which means that they have chosen to keep certain aspects of their life private. Ultimately, that could end up being a good thing for them both.