Megan Thee Stallion's frustrated reaction came to pass before anything else. Apparently, the root cause of ghostwriting rumors circling over her head had something to do with a hook credited to the one Juicy J. Megan didn't shy away from revealing that Juicy J did in fact pen the hook for a song titled "Simon Says" off her landmark debut. Before we delve into a dramatic reading of the timeline, it's worth noting that Juicy J was always credited as the song's producer and guest vocalist. No debate there.

The ghostwriting rumors all seem to emanate from social media rumblings of Wolftyla, who claimed she earned her first placement on Meg's debut Fever, as part of her plan to leave "little paw prints all over 2k19."

An awkward silence would ensue in the moments that followed. Eventually, Megan Thee Stallion would speak of clout chasing much to the confusion of the followers who weren't hip to the original thread. "I write all my own shit don’t let nobody gas you up like that," Megan clamored in an Instagram story. "That clout shit crazy," she added in the subsequent slide, all but excoriating Wolftyla of any involvement in the creative process.

"Like I said don’t nobody write my sh*t for me… so don’t try to insinuate you did… just be clear from the beginning. I didn’t even kno she had nothing to do with the song Juicy Jay say you ain’t write nothing," Meg wrote in yet another post dedicated to warding off the negative attention. "Simon says shut tf up." In other words, Meg gave Juicy J credit where credit was due, leavint it at that.

By this point, the "ghostwriting rumors" had become nauseating to Megan and her inner-circle - to the point where even Juicy J felt it was in everyone's interest that he set the record straight. In the process of doing just that, Juicy alluded to the fact that he'd ghostwritten for many famous artists in the past, short of naming them outright.

With the momentum squarely on Meg's side, Wolftyla was then forced to backtrack on the wording of her earlier claims. Yet, as information kept pouring out from all sides, Wolftyla would eventually regain her rhetorical advantage after posting a screenshot image of a text exchange she allegedly had with Juicy J's manager.

Tyla ended the counteroffensive by wishing everyone a Happy Sunday. "I still got nothing but love,” she to close her account for the day before the hooples did away with the podium.