If there is one thing Megan Thee Stallion likes to do, it's twerk. The Suga rapper regularly takes to social media to show off her skills and if you've seen her live shows, then you know twerking is a staple in her performance. However, there is a growing number of people who have taken issues with Megan Thee Stallion paying so much attention to her backside. Fans and foes alike have told the rapper that she twerks too much.

 “I don't know when it happened, that sometimes people get offended by twerking," Genius shared in a clip of Megan chatting with them during an interview. "But that sh*t is crazy. Like, I love to throw my ass. I love to shake my ass. That's one of my favorite things to do. And I be seeing motherf*ckers be like, 'All you do is shake yo' ass.' I be like, 'Damn. Actually, I got to school and I rap and sometime I be cookin'. I'm a dog mom. I'm an awesome friend. It's not all I be doing, it's just that maybe when you loggin' in, you came to see me twerk, 'cause you ain't see that freestyle I just dropped? I can rap and twerk.”

Watch Megan Thee Stallion talk twerking with Genius below.