Megan Thee Stallion has been one of hip-hop's rising stars these days but she's yet to release an official debut album. Tomorrow, she'll be releasing her new project, SUGA which many believed was her debut album. That is not true, though. Speaking to Ebro on Hot 97, she explained her conflict with her label as well as her upcoming project which is actually an EP. "I'm not even going to call it an album because I'm still in the middle of making my album," she said. "The music that I had made and the songs that I really, really like so far -- I was like, 'Let's just drop this shit on an EP.'"

Although she couldn't speak on the situation with 1501 Certified Entertainment, she simply stated that she wanted to make her contract "fair," in her eyes, explaining that she wasn't here to become a victim of industry bullying. 

Meg's been steadily teasing this new project, SUGA for quite some time which many believed would be her debut album. The project's title is actually the name of the latest alter ego from Megan Thee Stallion who described the character as a "mess." "You know I got a lot of personalities up here in this head," Meg explained. "So she's definitely my new persona that I'm introducing to everybody. Letting people know that it's okay to be a sensitive gangsta."