Megan Thee Stallion enjoyed her weekend with boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, with whom she recently celebrated their one-year anniversary of dating. The couple traveled just outside of Megan's hometown, spending time in Austin, Texas for the F1 Grand Prix of USA, where she supported the Red Bull Racing Team. 

As she walked on the Paddock with her entourage, former racer/journalist Martin Brundle spotted the rapper and asked her to freestyle rap for him, which she graciously declined before things got awkward.

Darron Cummings - Pool/Getty Images

Brundle's interviews are known to get pretty awkward, but his talk with Megan was pretty painful for fans to witness at home. The encounter ended after Megan refused to freestyle when one of her bodyguards walked in front of Brundle and told him, "You can't do that."

"I can do that, 'cause I did," replied Brundle before saying, "She seemed very happy to talk, didn’t she? That’s very nice of her, and I appreciate that."

Some people are claiming that this was the most awkward interview they had ever seen on live television, and while that may be a stretch, it definitely was pretty cringe-worthy to witness.

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Megan's name has been trending on Twitter since this happened, with fans reacting to the encounter. Check out what people have been saying below.